24-hr Cell Phone Fast

I unintentionally left my cell phone on the bus yesterday. So, I was forced to go without it for a whole twenty four hours! I was lucky enough to have someone turn it in at the bus terminal. I cannot honestly say that I would have given my phone up willingly. Everything happens for a reason. Thus, I was meant to undergo a cell phone fast no matter what the circumstances! I did pretty well without it except I am heavily dependent upon my alarm clock. Unfortunately, I overslept and got to work late. Other than that, I did pretty well without my device. I’ve learned that I must get an everyday wrist watch because I frequently asked others what time of day it was. The cell phone fast was not as painful as I imagined it would be. I must admit, there was a somewhat lost feeling that overcame me during the first half of the fast. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone who is not prepared. One of the major conclusions I reached was that we are overly dependent upon technology, especially our cell phones, in our every day lives.


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