Jasmine Crowe

Jasmine Crowe

Founder and Mastermind behind BCG (Black Celebrity Giving), Jasmine Crowe, visited NCCU! She actually graduated a few years ago and chose to come back to inspire the students to follow their passions. Personally, I loved listening to her speak about the process of starting a non-profit organization because I aspire to have a few of my own—soon! The greatest piece of advice she gave us was to cease procrastinating and get things done! I certainly regret that I was too shy to speak to her but we will most likely meet again.

Her company focuses on African- American celebrities who give back to their communities. It is most commonly overlooked in mainstream media and Ms. Crowe places the spotlight on those who love to GIVE! Jasmine Crowe is thoroughly invested in many areas of social change. I admire the way she is involved with many issues instead of just one. There are so many areas we can start to improve on together if we all would just take the initiative. Google Jasmine Crowe. Also please visit her website blackcelebritygiving.com Any inquiries? Contact her at jasmine@blackcelebritygiving.com


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