Deepak Chopra Literature Review

Many people read for entertainment and others for enlightenment. I am currently reading Deepak Copra’s “Spiritual Solutions”. It is an easy read, yet challenging all at once. The challenges introduced within the four sections are quite personal. The book could be put into the category of self-help but it is not the ordinary self that the author is referring to. The higher self or “true self” as he puts it, is who we really are underneath the veil of our Ego.

Deepak Chopra has many lectures available online about various different topics. Many of his works focus on physics, spirituality, and their connection to life today. He avoids making religious instances and focuses on the universal aspect of the true self in each of us. He is also a doctor originally from India and very knowledgeable about the dynamic connections between matter and spirit. I have only read half of the two hundred pages upon checking it out at my university’s library a week ago. Still, I would recommend this book to anyone who is open to exploring new answers to quite common issues that plague everyone of us. It would make a great gift! Getting lost between the pages of such wisdom would only be a blessing.


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